As you might have guessed, I was not ready for today's ToT topic and, therefore, I have no picture of a sandwich at the ready. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good sandwich once in awhile, as there are a couple of good GF bread bakers in town. There are as many varieties of gluten free bread as there are of regular bread. The difference is, they just don't have the taste and texture of regular wheat based, yeasty breads.  I usually just have an un-wich when faced with a choice. However, I do have many fond memories of delicious sandwiches and that's what I'll list for today's T0T topic of 10 Favorite Sandwiches.

1. Grill cheese, made with white bread slathered with tons of butter, cheddar cheese sliced from the brick, and made by my mother's hand. It was best served with a side of tomato soup.

2. A yeasty, fluffy, and hot from the oven, slice of Mom's homemade white bread, (carefully) buttered generously and sprinkled with sugar.

3. Open faced turkey sandwich of leftover Thanksgiving turkey atop a slice of bread and covered with homemade gravy. A side of cranberry sauce made this perfection.

4.  A hot French dip sandwich, made by the corner sandwich shop (long ago closed), served with a generous portion of rich au jus, on warm, crisp on the outside, soft in the center, bread. A side of crispy fries made this heavenly.

5. Tuna fish, made by Carole's hand, served at her cozy kitchen table, with a view from the window. It was a delicious lunch made by a friend's hand and served with a side of chat. (As a child I would put potato chips between the slices just to add more crunch.)

6. Our family reunion favorite was Sloppy Joe's made by granma, or mom, and served with crisp cold coleslaw.  To clear the pallet, we always had ice cold watermelon for dessert.

7. My favorite non-traditional grilled cheese was served by a local restaurant on whole-grain bread, stuffed with melted brie and warm sliced pear. It was a delicious paring of ingredients. 

8. An egg salad sandwich has always one of my favorites, and of course, the sandwich made by mom is one of my favorite memories. I make my own on occasion.

 9. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato, but only when the tomato is fresh from the garden. Wheat or white bread, it doesn't matter, but the tomato does!

10. BBQ pork sandwich on a soft bun, served with a large variety of barbecue sauces, so they can be mixed up on top and pour down the sides to coat all layers. Tangy, hot, yummy, with a side of cornbread and cold coleslaw (which is also good on top of the sandwich). We're talking open-faced, of course.

I hope you enjoyed my walk down sandwich memory lane and that you'll share one of your favorite sandwiches, too!



What can you say about a picture perfect weekend?  The temperatures were perfection, high 60s, low 70s, and the sky was a perfect blue. 

The haircut went well and I'm happy with the slightly short, stacked in back do. I'll try for a photo soon.

Saturday is a blur of errands, with the reward of a lovely afternoon in the garden. Everything is blooming or on the verge and spring is at its height. The trees are about a month ahead of schedule and, while beautiful, we know it's very likely the fruit will be lost by frost.  To look on the bright side, we love the blue skies and warm temperatures, so we're taking advantage of it as much as possilbe. But friends, just think what you have to look forward to if your spring hasn't started. 

Also on Saturday, we spent the evening with good friends, which means much laugher, lots of ribbing, drinking and eating. Nothing makes a weekend more relaxing and perfect than friends and laughter. 

Sunday I heard the robins calling me to take a pre-dawn walk and to listen to the dawn chorus. In many ways , it was the most restful part of my weekend. 

After the day had begun,  I ran the rest of the errands, filling the larder with good food, making  delicious soup for my weekday lunches ,and luscious burgers for dinner. It was just the kind of weekend I love. 

Tell me how your weekend was? 

Something New

Welcome to the new Zeneedle! Thanks to the most awesome Vicki for all the hard work in making the header look more like mine! I love it and love the new look Typepad's Nimble design has made possible. There may be some tweaking, but I'm excited about the new look and hope you are, too.

Did you know it was my 11th Bloggiversary the beginning of this month? I just skipped right over it, but now there is need of celebration, don't you think? I think I'll tell you Three Things About Me Right Now. Exciting, eh? 


1. I'm a shaggy dog in need of a haircut and I'm wondering if I need a change. Not short, just different. Any suggestions? 


2. I'm trying out my artistic skills by doodling and drawing, follow the steps on this blog. She has great ideas and some easy techniques, although, I think she makes everything look easy. 


3. I'm loving the weather (so sorry my Eastern friends!) and spending time in the garden walking the labyrinth. It's going to be a fabulous weekend.  

Messed Up

This post is brought to you by the demise of my iPod. By the end of the day I'll have one, but right now, I do not have it in hand. I love(d) that device. I downloaded podcasts, books, and music, plus used it for a pedometer, and a clock. 

Sadly, I am not vigilant about checking the pockets of my pants before tossing them in the laundry and, know the rest of the story. I didn't even realized what I'd done until I saw it in the bottom of the washer. (!!!!!!!!!)

The heartbreak, the self-anger, the sorrow, the acceptance...all emotions ran through me just about as fast as you read that sentence. All this happened about an hour before the Apple store closed and I came thisclose to running to the mall. I restrained myself, but by morning I knew I could not live without my precious.


Yesterday my plan was to go right after work and buy a new one, but Smith had the day off and took pity on me. I wouldn't have thought of taking my poor deceased beautiful red iPod with me, but Smith did, and he was able to buy a replacement, new but without packaging and with only a limited warranty for $75. This made me about as happy as can be! Now I can listen to my books and podcasts without being tethered to the computer.

However, there is one good thing happened when I pulled the pants from the dryer. A ten dollar bill fell out onto the floor and I don't know if it was from my pocket or Smith's (my guess would be mine), but it went towards my new red friend.

I won't swear I'll never wash anything I shouldn't again, and I won't swear I'll check my pants pockets every load (I try, but you know how it goes), but I will do my best to be more vigilant.

I Dare Not

Living without cheese is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I gave up gluten happily and I've given up a few other foods, too. But...cheese, dear cheese, how I do miss you!

Carole asked us to pick our Ten Favorite Cheeses, which lead me to spend an hour and half feeling sorry for myself, but I decided to give in and list a few of the cheeses I miss most.  (PS.I have no cheese in the house for a picture.)

1. Some of my very favorite cheeses are from a local company called Beehive Cheese. Their signature cheese Barely Buzzed has won a ton of awards. I also adore their TeaHive.

2. Baked brie or Camembert with sprigs of rosemary and gloves of garlic. This is Monica served this on Christmas Day as an appetizer and it was a hit.

3. Good ol' English Farmhouse cheddar.

4. Any cheese from Wisconsin. (I had to throw that in for Vicki.)

5. Goat cheese covered with  (Massachusetts) cranberries. (I had to throw that in for Carole.)

6. Stilton with lemon peel. So, good with wine.

7. Parmigiano-Reggiano (I can still eat small amounts with a lactaid.)

8. Feta cheese in a Greece salad. (Sheep's feta with a lactaid is also ok.)

Don't feel sad for me. There are many wonderful foods available to me and I eat a wide variety of things. I'm just a pain for other people to feed, not for myself.